Instructions for Adding Publications

Category Selection

  • Choose the category for which your publication applies.
  • If your publication does not fit into a category you can create a new category. We would, however, like to create new categories only when necessary.
  • To create a new category:
    • Edit the publications page and add a new bullet with the same format as the previous bullets.
    • Click save.

Add a Publication

  • Click on the correct category and chose edit. Add your publication to the list as a new bullet.
  • The lists are not in alphabetical order, but are in the order of "newness" to the list.
  • Unfortunately the publications aren't all in the exact same format, but the format we would like to follow is:
    • Author(s), Paper Name(linked to a web version of the paper if possible),
    • Conference/Publication, Optional Location, Optional Date, Optional ISSN or LNCS number, Optional Pages, Year.
  • As each wiki member is given a "homepage", the author name could be linked to this page, or to the authors actual homepage.
  • Save your changes.
  • You can preview your changes if you like, but don't forget to save your changes after you preview.

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