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4.3.2 Task Dependency

In a task dependency, the depender depends on the dependee to carry out an activity. The dependum names a task which specifies how the task is to be performed, but not why. The depender has already made decisions about how the task is to be performed. Note that a task description in i* is not meant to be a complete specification of the steps required to execute the task. It is a constraint imposed by the depender on the dependee. The dependee still has freedom of action within these constraints.


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Variation: RESCUE Methodology

In the RESCUE Methodology, users are encoraged to expand or investigate task dependencies, with the goal of eventually replacing all tasks dependencies with goal or softgoal dependencies. The idea is that an SD model, which contains dependencies and dependums, should depict the "why" of why actors are depending on other actors, not "what" they are depending on them to do. So if a task dependency exists, modellers should ask "why is that task needed" and replace the dependency with the motivating goal.

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